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A key part of our business has always been to combine high quality design with the most sustainable environmental practices. That is why Euroterra’s build policies support sustainability and are designed to minimise adverse impacts on the surrounding environment.

Recycling and waste management both in our offices and on our construction sites are two of Euroterra’s main policies. In that way, we manage to deliver not only properties that are attractive but also efficient to operate.


SUSTAINABILITY Official V Squared Logo 300x300

Euroterra Capital is frequently engaged into different kinds of social activities and thus has managed to build a socially responsible profile.

From using environmental friendly building practices to training interns and assisting on university presentations and programmes, we make sure that as a company we have a positive social contribution.


SUSTAINABILITY Official V Squared Logo 300x300

Euroterra’s health & safety policy deals with the three different aspects of our operations:

  • Human Resources: protecting our employees, tenants, visitors and construction stuff
  • Assets: managing the safe operation and maintenance of our buildings
  • Properties: designing, delivering and managing our properties in the safest way.